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The Dainese group celebrates its anniversaries: 70 years for AGV and 45 for Dainese. Two different histories, but the same scope: Mission Safety

1968 - PASSION
At 20 years of age, Lino Dainese and some friends went to London on a Vespa. It was then that he saw "ton up bikes" whose riders wore the first sets of leathers. Back in Italy, he decided to dedicate himself to designing and manufacturing protection for motorbike riders.
Dainese was founded in Molvena (Vicenza), Italy. The first article Dainese produced was a pair of motocross trousers.
Dainese introduces new cutting techniques for articles in cowhide with elastic inserts for improved comfort. It was also the year in which technical sponsorship took off for the first time. Dieter Braun became the first Dainese rider in the World Championship Series.
The collaboration with Barry Sheene led to the creation of the first back protector designed by Marc Sadler.
1981 - The introduction of knee sliders
The style of riding was changing. Riders leaned their bikes more and more, trailing their knees on the track. Dainese tested the first knee sliders with the leading rider, Kenny Roberts. The first products were known as “porcupines” because of the soft cylinders that protruded from a special base (applied to the suit’s knee) when the leg was bent.
1988 - Aerodynamic hump
Dainese introduced a brand new concept for professional racing suits: the aerodynamic hump.
Dainese began making gloves
1991 - Sliders for foot protection
The first metal sliders for boots appeared.
2000 - D-air® is created
Dainese developed the prototype of the D-air® airbag for motorcyclists, together with the Israeli firm Merhav APP, and introduced it in Munich.
2007 - AGV back in Italian hands
Dainese and AGV combined their efforts to provide the best possible head-to-toe protection for motorcyclists.
2015 - Sergio Mattarella awards Dainese
Lino Dainese receives the prestigious Leonardo da Vinci Award for Innovation from the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella. The Leonardo da Vinci Award for Innovation is given to entrepreneurs whose companies have distinguished themselves for product quality innovation and a strong international, sales and production outlook.
2017 - 115 years of passion
The Dainese group celebrates its anniversaries: 70 years for AGV and 45 for Dainese. Two different histories, but the same scope: Mission Safety
2017 - Red Dot Awards
The Red Dot Design Award panel – which recognises the world’s most original and innovative products – gives its seal of approval in the Product Design 2017 category to the new Dainese Mugello R D-Air® race suit, the innovative AGV Pista GP R helmet and the range of latest generation Pro-Armor protective products.

Sapca Dainese YAMAHA VR46 Sapca Dainese YAMAHA VR46 2
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Sapca Dainese YAMAHA VR46

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Sapca Dainese YAMAHA VR46
Genunchiere Dainese Knee V E1
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Genunchiere Dainese Knee V E1

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Knee V E1 N sunt noua versiune de genunchiere moto omologate de la Dainese ce ofera maximul de protectie, nu numai pentru genunchi, dar si pentru toata suprafata tibiei. Avand 3 reglaje cu velcro se ajusteaza si se potrivesc pentru toata lumea. Sunt ergonomice si copiaza forma picioarelor dvs. pentru ca sunt facute independent, una pentru piciorul stang...
Cagula Dainese Volund 07
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Cagula Dainese Volund 07

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